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Holy Week

Dear St. Luke Community,

Maundy Thursday, John 13:1-35
Today is Maundy Thursday, the day we remember Jesus’s greatest commandment, which is to love one another. The Reverend Nadia Bolz-Weber gives a lovely reflection on John’s Gospel. You can read Rev. Bolz-Weber’s reflection here.

If you recall we also reflected on this Scripture just a few Sunday’s ago. If you missed it, you can go to our website and read or listen here.

In Bolz-Weber’s reflection she speaks about how we usually think about loving one another in the active form of giving, but we forget that it’s equally important to know how to receive love. I often hear many of you, whom I know have spent the better part of your lives giving, tell me how hard it is to ask for help. “It’s your turn to allow others the opportunity to give,” I’ll say. 

And there’s another way we receive and it comes in the form of unconditional love. It’s the kind that comes from God, Christ, Spirit and for many of us, our dogs. It’s the kind that sees you, all of you, and loves you, imperfections and all. It’s the love that says, ‘It’s okay, you’re okay, and I love you.” This Maundy Thursday, may you be reminded of how our goodness is born directly out of this unconditional love that never quits.

Good Friday Worship, 12:00pm via Zoom (link sent via email)
The Seven Last Words from the Cross: 
A Service of Scripture, Reflection, Meditation and Music

We’ll hear the last words of Jesus from the cross and sit together in sure and certain hope of the resurrection. Life is born in the dark, in the earth in the womb and reborn in an empty tomb. May this time together enrich your experience of what’s to come in gratitude for life, it’s gifts and the companionship of Emmanuel, God with us.

This Sunday, Easter Worship, 10:00 am via Zoom
Join us and invite your friends and family for this Sunday’s Easter Celebration of Resurrection and life.   (Please note, we are continuing to use passwords for Sunday Service. Link to worship sent in weekly email.)

While some of us are carrying the sadness of a world devastated by this pandemic, we’re also reminded that God has the final word, which is God’s  “yes” to the world’s “no.” God brings new life out of darkness. While some of us still can’t wrap our heads around the physical manifestation of the resurrection, our bodies know all too well the smells of wisteria blooming on vines that looked bare just months ago. We witness buds on trees and the light green ivy growing on top of the older deeper green leaves. Our bodies know spring. Our psyches too, know joy after grief. We know that life continues in periods of darkness, and we know that even the death of a loved one is not the end of love. We know the rising of tides and we know growth after wildfires. We know the waning of the moon and we know that babies live in wombs, alive and well before they can breathe on their own. These are the ways we can wrap our heads around the resurrection of Christ. Christ is in everyone of those experiences. 

While we can’t physically be together, we are still the body of Christ as we discover new ways of being the church together on Zoom. If there’s anyone who still hasn’t figured out how to use Zoom and wants to, Beth and I are happy to help you practice on Saturday. Please email me back if you’d like help. We want to see you!

Easter Bonnets
This is a joyous occasion and I invite you to make an Easter Bonnet at home. You’re encouraged to get creative with whatever supplies you may have at home.

Yours in Christ,


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