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Sunday September 30, 2018

This Sunday 

Dear St Luke Community, 

If I had a dime for every time I’ve heard well-intentioned pastors criticize “other” churches, I’d be able to retire early. “Too conservative, too progressive, too new age, like a country club, out of touch….” you get the idea. Most of the time these comparisons are made so that the person making them can feel better about the way they are doing church. I’m guilty of this too. Despite my mother’s warnings of no good coming from comparing ourselves to others, I still occasionally fail. 

Sunday’s scripture (Mark 9: 38-50) begins with someone who is not physically following Jesus but is healing in Jesus’ name. The disciples complain about it and Jesus has a lot to say including; whoever is not against us is for us. (9:40) 

There’s a bigger picture here for Jesus and all of us. What unites us supersedes the different ways we approach ministry in the spirit of healing and repairing. In a perfect world, the same is true for our country and in an even more perfect world, the same is true for all of humanity. It so often takes a tragedy to remind us of that. 

So how do we help contribute to fulfilling this call from God to help repair a broken world? We can begin by following the St Luke Mission to Practice Love; that is to say, seeing every moment of our lives as an opportunity to practice being kind, quit the judging and stop comparing. Keep your eye on your own plate. It is abundantly full of nourishment if only we would take the time to feast on its goodness. 

See you Sunday,

Deacon Ministry

Grateful Gatherings ~ Saturday, October 6th, 8:00 AM to Noon
A non-profit, that provides furniture & household goods to people transitioning out of homelessness & poverty. For a list of needs visit To see the list of items needed, read about the families and sign up for donations, go to Bring donations to St. Luke on Saturday, Oct. 6th between 8:30 am and 10:30 am. Please use the green envelope to donate Sunday.

Here are the two families we'll be helping ...
Family 1 is Mom, Alicia, her teenage son Ahmarik (18), and her 2 little daughters Dani (1) and Maya (2). Alicia and her children are new to California. Born and raised in Louisiana, Alicia’s been juggling motherhood and working while getting her AA degree over the last few years.

Family 2 is Mom Regina and her three children: son Rennan (16)—daughter Marina (11) and baby Samuel (4 mo). Regina recently returned to Marin County from out of state. Regina now has a part-time job as an Administrative Assistant.

For questions email: 

Save The Date

St Luke Annual Fundraiser ~ Sunday, October 7th at 6:00 PM
This year, wear your beads and bangles to St. Luke’s Annual Fundraiser Dinner celebrating New Orleans with Zydeco fillet mignon, shrimp jambalaya, and pecan pie. Not to be missed and invite your friends now!

Announcements & Upcoming Events

All are welcome to attend 

Fall Speaker Series ~ Who do you say that I am? A three-part series 
September 16, 23, 30 after worship in the Bayview Room 

The question of the historical Jesus has been one baffling scholar from the beginning of time. Join us as we look at different theories from leading scholars of just who this man Jesus was.

Was Jesus a Zealot, a militaristic figure looking to overthrow the Roman Empire? Or was he a mystic, in touch with the divine sphere of reality and wisdom of God? Or was he a political figure, prophet, and Messiah who succeeded in defeating evil and beginning the reign of peace?

Dr. Gregory Love, Professor of Systematic Theology at SFTS, will lead us in a discussion as we uncover why Jesus remains such a popular and controversial figure then and today.

Continuing Events

All are welcome to attend

Bible Study Series ~ Wednesday, Oct 3rd, 9:30 AM  

Morning Women's Spirituality Group ~ Thursday. Oct 4th, 9:00 AM
Deacons ~ Tuesday. Oct 9th, 6:30 PM

Committee Meetings ~ Tuesday, Oct 9th, 6:30 PM

St. Luke Women’s Bridge Group ~ Monday, Oct 15th, 10:30 AM
Tuesday, Oct.23rd 10:30 AM (3rd Monday & 4th Tuesday, Sept. to May).

Pizza and Theology ~ Resumes Tuesday, Oct 16th, 6:30 PM
Creekside, San Anselmo. Thereafter on the 3rd Tuesday of the month. Please email: 

Session ~ Tuesday, October 23rd, 6:30 PM

St. Luke Men's Group Tuesday, Nov. 6th, Location TBD

St. Luke Womens Association ~ Thursday. Nov. 8th, 1:00 PM
~ December 7th 1:00-3:00, Christmas Tea & Program.

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