Rev. ANDREW P. QUICK, Pastor

Andrew (andrewpquick.com) hails from the raisin capital of the world in California’s Central Valley where he attended church every Sunday.  Now, and as a kid, he asks lots of church and faith-based questions (the history and role of the church, faith, the nature of God…). Andrew became a pastor (PCUSA) to find answers, and yet, the more he studies and draws closer to God, the more questions arise. His faith journey is not about answers, rather Andrew lives the questions.

Andrew graduated from the University of California at Santa Cruz with a BA in Theatre. Upon graduation he attended Clown College at the Circus Center of San Francisco.  After running away with the circus for eight years, Andrew began studying at San Francisco Theological Seminary and graduated with a Master’s of Divinity in 2019.  While at SFTS he focused on the intersection of art and worship to blend his training at a performer with his role as a pastor.

When not working as a pastor, Andrew can be found juggling at community centers, libraries and hospitals around the Bay Area.  As part of Circus of Smiles, Mr. Quick and Mr. Mustache offer affordable and empowering circus experiences for children and their families. They create a space for families to gather together in laughter helping them release tensions and imagine a world of possibilities.  Additionally, Andrew works with The Medical Clown Project providing therapeutic clowning as an integrated component of care for adult and pediatric patients and their families.

Rebecca Viebrock, Musical Director

Have a song in your heart - join our choir - or just make a song recommendation for Sunday's worship.

Joanne Trifoso, Office Administrator

Joanne is happy to assist you with any office administrative needs or with rental help. Her office hours are Monday, 11:00am to 2:00pm, Wednesday, 11:00am to 2:00pm, and Friday from 12:00pm to 3:00pm. 

SESSION - Ruling Elders

Elders in the Presbyterian tradition are elected representatives of the congregation, elected by the congregation, to work alongside the pastor for the care of the congregation. Ruling elders meet monthly and together make up the Session of the church. These meetings oversee the administration and spiritual care of the community. Elders are ordained positions. Once an elder always an elder, however service on Session is limited to two consecutive three-year terms. 

Class of 2024
Leigh Ann Antieri, Laura Hislop, Carlene McCart, Carolee Mech
Class of 2025
Janet Abrahamson, Mary Scull, Scott White
Class of 2026
Holly Clifford, Greg Dowson, David Macias, Kathleen Murphy 


The Deacons at St. Luke are the heart of the church. Deacons, alongside the pastor’s leadership, reach out to those in the community in need of special attention. Deacons care includes those who are sick as well as people who are unable to leave their homes for worship. The Deacons also work alongside the St. Luke Outreach Committee to serve the needs of the surrounding community. Deacons are also an ordained position and can serve up to two three-year terms.

Class of 2024
Marcia Lenser, Cheryl Blatt
Class of 2025
Beth Burrafato, Patty Smith
Class of 2026
Jan Vazquez, Julianna Elias