Pastor Nominating Committee


january 9, 2022

It is with great excitement we announce that the congregation unanimously voted to call Andrew P Quick as St. Luke's new pastor.  Andrew will start with St. Luke on February 1.

You can learn more about Andrew here.

December 27,  2021

The Pastoral Nominating Committee is excited to announce that our search for a new pastor has come to an end! After months of interviews, prayerful discernment, and discussion, it is with great joy that the PNC recommends Andrew P Quick as candidate for Pastor and Head of Staff at St. Luke Presbyterian Church.

Read the full letter emailed to the congregation here, and you can read more about Andrew in this brochure

January 9 - Andrew's Candidating Sermon
January 9 will be an important day!  On that Sunday, Andrew will preach at St. Luke during an in-person and live-streamed worship service.  Following the service there will be an in-person congregational meeting and vote to call Andrew. Subject to congregational approval, Andrew would start as pastor of St. Luke on February 1.  You must be present at the meeting to vote and greet Andrew and we ask that everyone attend if possible.

PNC commission

On February 21, 2021, the congregation of St. Luke elected and commissioned seven members to serve as its Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC) to engage in the prayerful process to seek, evaluate, identify and nominate a new pastor for St. Luke. The members of the PNC are:

  • Dennis Rolstad (chair)
  • Leigh Ann Antieri
  • Michael Baranowski
  • Carolee Mech
  • Erich Miller
  • George Tuttle
  • Scott White

We thank each one of these members for taking on this important responsibility. Please keep them in your prayers as they complete their work.

PNC Process

Calling a new pastor is a months-long process that is undertaken with prayer, confidentiality, and deep discernment by both the PNC and potential candidates.  The following is an overview of the PNC process.

Phase 1: Interim Pastor & Head of Staff is called

We are fortunate to have Rev. Joanne Whitt as our interim pastor as she guides the congregation through this transitional period.

Phase 2: Congregation conducts Mission Study

Our Mission Study team did a fantastic job in conducting a survey of the congregation and crafting an in-depth picture of St. Luke .  You can see the results of the survey here, and read the study by clicking here.

Phase 3: The congregation votes and commissions the pnc

The congregation commissioned the PNC on February 21, 2021.  The PNC has been meeting on a regular basis and has begun the search process.

Phase 4: The PNC searches for and selects the next Pastor & Head of Staff

  • The PNC has completed a Ministry Information Form (MIF) that has been approved by Session and the Redwood Presbytery's Committee on Ministry.   The MIF is based upon our mission study and describes St. Luke, our ministries and our aspirations, as well as the qualities and skills we desire in a new pastor.
  • The PNC has shared the MIF through the PCUSA website to reach out to prospective candidates.
  • PNC shares the MIF through the PC(USA) website and other outlets as well as reaching out to a variety of networks to expand the pool of candidates.
  • PNC receives and reviews candidates’ Personal Information Forms, conducts multiple interviews, makes church visits, and undertakes reference checks. 
  • Presbytery conducts Suitability of Call interviews with both candidates and PNC.
  • PNC selects and extends the call to final nominee, negotiates the Terms of Call and a start date.

Phase 5: The congregation votes on and welcomes the new Pastor & Head of Staff

  • Once a candidate has accepted, the PNC reports to Session and Session calls a congregational meeting to elect the new Pastor & Head of Staff. 
  • The Presbytery approves the candidate and Terms of Call (may also occur after the congregational vote.
  • The candidate will preach at St. Luke and a congregational meeting is held to elect the pastor. 

The PNC has established an email address ( ) where they can be contacted.